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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer your questions

We believe it is important for your questions to be answered to allow you to get the most from your therapy and wellness visits. Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question not covered below, please use the contact form or email us at

  • What precautions are you taking due to COVID-19?
    We want to do all we can to help you stay healthy! We know that many of the people who come to our clinic have underlying health concerns that may put them at increase risk of getting sick. Here are some of the ways we are working to limit the chances of COVID-19 transmission: We disinfect all therapy equipment after each use. We disinfect high contact surfaces throughout the clinic (doorknobs, chairs, etc.) routinely throughout the day. We follow current CDC guidelines for healthcare facilities in our area including guidelines for COVID-19 screening and mask use.
  • Will insurance pay for my therapy?
    Neuro Advantage Rehabilitation works with many major health insurance providers. If you provide us your insurance information, we will contact your insurance for approval prior to starting your course of therapy. Although your insurance may approve your therapy visits, there may be a portion of the fees that you are responsible for paying, depending on your deductible, copay rate, and other specifics of your particular health care insurance plan. We recommend that you contact your insurance company directly to ask about the details of your coverage. If you prefer to pay out of pocket or if your insurance does not approve your visits, we do offer out of pocket rates for all of our services. All exercise classes and wellness visits are private pay (out of pocket) as insurance companies do not cover these services.
  • What should I wear to my therapy or wellness appointment?
    We recommend wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing that will allow you to move easily. Supportive shoes such as sneakers/tennis shoes are recommended.
  • How often will I come for appointments?
    Your therapist will work with you to determine a plan of care, including number of visits, that will best meet your needs, and will explain this plan to you during your first session.
  • How long will my sessions last?
    Most sessions last 45-60 minutes. Your specific plan of care will be determined at your first visit, based on your individual needs, and your therapist will discuss this with you.
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