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Conditions We Treat


At Neuro Advantage Rehabilitation, we specialize in the treatment of neurologic conditions including, but not limited to, the conditions listed below.


Click on each condition to learn more.

Therapy can help improve function and mobility after a stroke.

Physical and occupational therapy can address the causes of decreased balance.

Therapy can address symptoms due to brain injury to improve ability to perform daily tasks.

Many symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease can be improved with therapy and exercise. 

Occupational therapy can help address difficulties with daily life associated with low vision.

Therapy can address persistent concussion symptoms to improve function and allow return to activities.

Occupational and physical therapy can address many of the symptoms of MS to improve quality of life.

Many causes of dizziness and vertigo can be improved with therapy.

Physical and occupational therapy can help regain function and mobility after spinal cord injury.

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